Replacing your Roof in Redding, CT

Keeping up with the maintenance of your roof is a crucial part of the overall home repair duties of a homeowner. Roof repairs are easy to neglect because they are not always right in front of your face.

Oftentimes, you may not be aware of any problems with your roofing until it is too late. Most roof issues are only discovered when a leak is found or structural damage is done to the home. In order to avoid this, you should periodically check your roof for any damage and understand the warning signs that can tell you when it is time to replace your roof.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Redding will always play a large factor in the lifespan of your roof. The temperature changes throughout the year will cause your roof and the shingles on it to contract and expand.

Direct sunlight on the roof will cause the shingles to try out over the course of several years, and wind can cause both direct and indirect damage to the shingles. Because you are located in the Redding area, it is important to realize that your roofing may not necessarily be able to stand up to the conditions in the same way that a roof can in a more neutral climate.

Inspecting the Shingles

One good way to better understand the state that your roof is in is to examine the shingles on it. It is normal to see an occasional shingle missing or damaged. That happens with normal wear and tear over the years.

If, however, you begin to see an increasing amount of damaged or missing shingles, it is a clear sign that you should replace the roof soon. This kind of issue will only get worse over time. The more damaged and missing shingles there are, the more of your home is exposed to the elements. This can lead to damage that is far greater than what a simple shingle repair job can fix.

Even if they are not damage, the shingles on your roof may begin to curl in one of two ways:

The first occurs when the edges on each side of the shingle turn upward, forming a cup. The other is when the edges curl downward into the roof. These two issues are caused by prolonged exposure to the elements. After enough time has passed, the shingles will become weaker and more susceptible to this types of curling.

When shingles curl like this, they will no longer be able to properly protect the roof. Shingles are made to lay flat along the roof and overlap each other. Once they begin to curl, it will create spaces for air, water, and the elements to enter the home through the roofing.

Roofing in the Redding Area

If you live in Redding and believe it is time to have your roof replaced, we can help. We have been servicing the Redding area for years and we hope that we can bring you in as one of our many happy customers.

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